FB-What About My Freedom of Speech?

Dear Facebook,
 I’ve calmed down enough to write this letter to you concerning my website, Blognewsmyopinion.com. I wanted to promote my website on Instagram and Facebook, but was told that it couldn’t be promoted, and it was your right to refuse to promote certain types of websites. I was furious when I saw that message. I felt that you were taking away my freedom of speech. This reminded me that in the climate we live in, freedom of speech should now be called controlled speech. It is a shame that speech is now a form of weapon that can be used against someone. It is also a shame that speech is not freely spoken, but has to be policed because of the way people interpret (or I should say, misinterpret) what is being said, to the point of violence. I understand all these things, but still, I must wonder about my freedom of speech. Facebook, you have been taking some hard knocks for some of your practices, but still, is there no other way to control what is displayed on your websites besides not letting someone promote their website? Where was this control when my information was leaked for all to see? I am a mother, grandmother, spouse, vet, black, gay, and retired from the federal government. I know that black Americans have fought hard battles to have the ability to speak freely. There is no other country that allows the freedoms that America has. That is why people come to this country by any means to be able express themselves. The sad thing is the people coming here only see the surface of what America offers. They don’t realize that when you look deeper, there are plenty of things here that are not as free as they might think, especially if you are the wrong race or religion. America has become a country that is divided in so many areas that it’s like a pizza with many, many slices. You keep eating and eating the slices until it gets cold, and then it just sits and rots. We are beginning to rot. I mean, if you say something someone doesn’t agree with, there is no discussion anymore; there are no fist fights anymore. Now it’s someone picking up a gun and killing people. I get it, but still, is there no other way besides taking away my freedom of speech? I considered shutting down Blognewsmyopinion.com because of the rejection I received from you, but this morning I decided to continue my site. I paid money for that name. I know that I cannot depend on you to help promote my website, but there are other websites that are less controlling. I hope people will read my snippets daily and comment. I would appreciate some likes if that’s not too much to ask. I am only trying to have my opinion heard. The only way for me to fight what I am still upset about is to write and hope that others will support my website. I will start Blognewsmyopinion.com tomorrow. Again, I do understand the times we live in and that speech can be a catalyst of violence. I still feel that as a big corporation, you can find away to better control views on your website. I feel better now that I have written my opinion on your rejection of my website. I hope you have a change of heart and realize that there are many people with different views, and one of the things Facebook could be known for is bringing people together to have open discussions. Think about it.

Published by Retirement and Dogs

Retired with dogs is not at all what you would expect. I retired from DoD about 18 months ago. My spouse and I married a year ago and just had our first anniversary. We have two dogs that have honk they are not dogs but rulers of us. Read my blogs to see why I sometimes wish I was still working.

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