My Opinion 73119 

1.      Democratic Debate – Nope, didn’t watch it. I’m old. I knew I wouldn’t remember half of the people, much less what they said. There are just too many candidates to remember at this point. I’ll wait until they are less candidates and the ones that left have something real to say. My opinion is first the Democratic need to get their house in order. It’s ridiculous to have that many candidates. 

2.      The hot water challenge is something else stupid that kids can do to harm themselves or others. Find something constructive for your child to do like play Fortnite. I don’t understand the Kentucky mom whose son allegedly poured hot water on another kid. 

3.      Is Bitcoin on the way down? Maybe, but I’m watching it like a hawk. 

4.      Apple is bringing out their own credit card soon. The problem is I don’t need another credit card. I love you, Apple, but not enough to add on more bills. 

5.      Chicago – two women trying to clean up an area were shot. This is getting crazy. People getting shot for doing what they think is right. My opinion, which I feel very strongly, is that guns don’t shoot people, but it’s people who shoot people. I understand the view that it’s too easy to get guns. However, I feel, like everything, you have to be taught how to do the right thing. Hypothetically, if you legalize guns, could it be like alcohol? What’s your take? 

6.      Steve Harvey is hosting his Sand and Soul Festival in October. 

7.      The airlines I can fly on are getting less and less. Delta had to unload a plane because they suspected the pilot was drunk. My opinion is that the airlines should do a drug and urine test before a pilot is allowed to fly a plane. I mean the same day they are flying, not just when they are hired. I’m taking the train. 

8.      New York is rough enough, but getting stabbed for asking somebody to move their stuff out of an otherwise empty seat? I think people should not be allowed to bring anything on the trains but their bodies. That’s ridiculous. So are a lot of things that happen in New York. Yes, I rode the trains for many, many, did I say many years. 

9.      Georgia – road rage for driving too slow. I thought the idea to move south was to be able to go slow. I guess not anymore. You might get a machete attack if you’re in Georgia. 

10.     There’s an animal scam going on. Don’t fall for it. I love animals but I don’t give out any information over the phone. You shouldn’t either. 

That’s blog news for today. What’s your take?

Published by Retirement and Dogs

Retired with dogs is not at all what you would expect. I retired from DoD about 18 months ago. My spouse and I married a year ago and just had our first anniversary. We have two dogs that have honk they are not dogs but rulers of us. Read my blogs to see why I sometimes wish I was still working.

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